Reflecting on Pastoral Care Issues

Current reflections

Writing for the 'Reflections' section

Do you have a burning issue that you would like to share with others?

The purpose of the 'Reflections on Pastoral Care Issues' part of the NAPCE website is for authors to do just that in 1500-2500 words maximum.

Whether you are an experienced writer or still working at the process, for most of us issues arise occasionally which make us very excited, very angry, very puzzled, challenged or which prompt us to find out what others think.

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Papers in the 'Reflections' section of the website can be experimental rather than polished in the way needed for the Pastoral Care in Education Journal. Authors can set out deliberately to gain a response from readers; in fact, we very much hope that this is what will happen! The papers can offer up-to-date but, as yet, unfinished research information, disseminate innovative practice, share interesting observations or experiences, offer opportunity for academic discussion on a wide range of issues covering practice, research, curriculum or policy.

So whether you're a teacher, form tutor, pastoral support worker, pastoral leader, counsellor, student, lecturer, trainer, adviser or consultant, do think about writing for us. Perhaps two or more of you could write collaboratively. What are the things that challenge you? Are they the same for everyone? Short papers on any topic of interest to the journal can be accepted under the 'Reflections' section and we welcome them all.

Authors are invited to submit articles between 1500 and 2500 words on any pastoral care issue. A useable and useful format might be:

  • What is the issue?
  • Why is it important in pastoral care?
  • Briefly, what is already been written on this issue? Do you agree/disagree?
  • What proposals/suggestions are you making for changes?
  • What questions needs raising/answering?
  • Or, you might want to tell us about some ongoing research you are involved with.

Responding to the 'Reflections' website

Anyone, including authors, can respond to the Reflections website. NAPCE's aim is to promote and sponsor debate amongst the pastoral care community. We will publish any articles that prompt particular and considerable debate in the Pastoral Care in Education Journal.

NAPCE wishes to make it clear that articles and responses appearing on the Reflections website are written by individuals whose views do not necessarily represent those of NAPCE itself. Our aim is to promote debate on issues and not to act as a conduit for colleagues to be openly critical of others' views.

Please note that to ensure inclusivity, articles containing statements which are deemed discriminatory or prejudicial towards a particular group in society will not be published - the Editor's decision will be final.

Please send your contributions to the Reflections Editor at: