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21st Century Pastoral Care - the changing face and relevance of pastoral care in secondary education - Newman University - Birmingham

Over 50 educationalists met together at Newman University in Birmingham, on Wednesday 11th March 2015, to discuss the changing face and relevance of pastoral care in secondary education. The conference was organised by NAPCE, Newman University and the Titan Partnership, Birmingham.

Delegates discussed four important questions:

  • What advantages are there for secondary schools who invest in creating effective pastoral care policies and practices?
  • What role can pastoral care play in helping young people to feel valued and succeed?
  • Is pastoral support in secondary schools now only intended for those young people who are considered ‘vulnerable’ or ‘at risk’?
  • Can the development of effective pastoral care policies and practices help in the construction of alternative visions for secondary education?
Phil Jones (Chair) and Jill Robson (Treasurer)

Keynote speeches from Dr Dawn Casserly, Dr Dave Trotman, Professor Stan Tucker and Professor Terry Wrigley provided conference participants with a challenging overview of pastoral education and practice. Workshops included discussion of multi-professional practice, counselling, behaviour management, support for vulnerable young people, pastoral care and the curriculum and Alternative Provision.

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Highlights of 2014

  • Tribute article by Professor Ron Best ‘Forty years of Pastoral Care’: An appraisal of Michael Marland’s seminal book and its significance for pastoral care in schools
  • North East Conference
  • Free seminar about self-harming by young people
  • Presentation by the UK Youth Parliament about their views on a relevant curriculum and education in the 21st century
  • A variety of interesting articles were published on: Peer counselling & support; cyber-bullying; community counselling; pupil-teacher relationships; circle-time; natural hazard & disaster preparedness in schools; social stories for students on the autistic spectrum; study-related burnout; mobile phones; vocational outdoor leadership; teaching assistants, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and special educational needs
  • Our global membership now includes a further 10 countries: Australia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom